Agricultural Jobs

I grew up on a dairy farm in rural (I guess that goes without saying) south west Georgia. On this farm, I learned so many agricultural jobs. I learned tractor operation, maintenance, preparing and working the soil, working with USDA and other agency health regulations, raising and care of animals, construction, and so many more job skills.

While I did not stay on the dairy farm, it did also help shape my future towards an agricultural career. My dad wanted my younger brother or I to one day take over the farm and make our living there. This was not the plan for either of us.

No disrespect intended to my deceased father here. He taught me many things, and one of the most valuable was to embrace hard work as a way of life.

My plan really emerged when I was milking the cows one morning about 5 AM on a cold winter morning. I had just put the set of milkers on the cattle and had the others washed, waiting to be milked. I stepped back and watched them milk and thought about life for a minute. I came to the conclusion that milking cows was not the life for me. I decided that I was going to college and would probably be a teacher of agriculture for a living. With those thoughts, I remember smiling broadly about my future.

I guess you can take the boy off the farm, but not the farm out of the boy. My career plans changed several times, but, I came back to agriculture. I began matriculating to be a nurse anesthest and later to work in the criminal justice field. After another conversation with my high school agriculture teacher, I came back home, so to speak.

Now, 24 years later as of this writing, I have had quite a career as a teacher of agriculture myself. I have taught students for several decades about jobs in agriculture. I hope to share this information and hope with you.