Cattle Reproduction Specialist

The ability of a cow to successfully mate, conceive, give birth to and raise a healthy calf each year is essential to economical beef production. Cattle reproduction specialists work in the area of assisting farmers with the reproduction aspects of producing beef cattle.

A good understanding of anatomy and physiology of both the male and female is helpful in successfully managing reproduction for cattle reproduction specialist. A cattle reproduction specialist will assist farmers in choosing how to breed certain cows with certain bulls. They often match EPD traits from cattle with bulls to do so, along with their own practical experience.

Cattle reproduction specialists also work with artificial insemination (AI). In the AI process, they take the semen from the bull and use a rod to inseminate the cow’s vagina . Of course, another way to breed is the old fashion way… place a bull with a cow and let nature take it’s course.

Cattle reproduction specialists can be trained in several ways. They can shadow veternarians and farmers, apprenticing to learn the necessary skills. Also, they can train in animal science at an agricultural college. A veterinarian who specializes in cattle reproduction earns a salary in the range of thirty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars a year.

The job availability depends the location of the country and the demand. Jobs for cattle reproduction specialists are more plentiful in state where cattle production makes a larger impact on the economy. Also, cattle reproduction specialists can own their own beef farm where they can put their skills and knowledge to work for themselves.