Game Warden

A game warden is also called a conservation ranger. They are trained to enforce the game laws of the state which employs them. Game wardens are beneficial to both wildlife and people in that they enforce fair play for hunters and fishermen.

A game warden has many tasks their job description. They have to investigate hunting accidents as well as reports of fish and game law violations. Like other law enforcement officers, they also have to serve warrants, make arrests, and compile and present evidence for court proceedings. The main purpose of the game warden is to preserve plants, wildlife, and ecosystems, and promote and provide hunter safety training and to inspect commercial operations of fish and wildlife.

Game wardens need a basic knowledge of law and government, public safety and security, biology, psychology, and geography. Of course, they need to be familiar with the laws so they can enforce them.

As well, they need public safety knowledge so they can keep the public safe while they are enjoying the experience of hunting, fishing, etc. Familiarity with technology such as GPS location systems is needed so game wardens can patrol correct areas.

Game wardens make an average salary across the US of about $50,000 a year. This is about $24 an hour. The pay rates may vary from state to state, also. The starting pay is significantly lower

The job availability to be a game warden is often governed by state and federal budgets. In Georgia, for example, the game warden employment numbers have dropped due to attrition in response to the lack of tax dollars. So, despite the great need, positions often go unfilled in this economy.