Greenhouse Technician

You would think that a definition of a greenhouse technician is would be rather easy to state. It could be said it is simply a work who cares for plants in a greenhouse. However, the entire scope of their job description and skills needed for employment is a different story.

Job descriptions for greenhouse technicians are similar across the country, varying from plant produced. For example, at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center the job description contains few items. It states that it is a full time job with some work experience with plants in the greenhouse and in the field required. Occasional jobs include transplanting, watering, harvesting, drying and data collection. These technicians may be involved in seed storage activities such as treating seed, database entry and re-labeling seed envelopes. Also, the job descriptions for different companies and different levels of skills vary from greenhouse to greenhouse.

This certain company has five different certifications or training needed to get the job. These include: (a) Bachelor of Science degree, (b) experience in academic research in greenhouse and plant laboratories, (c) familiarity with MS Office programs, including Microsoft Word and Excel, (d) the ability to follow specific instructions and have meticulous attention to detail; and, (e) the ability to work in a team environment.

The expected salary for this greenhouse technician job is about $30,000 annually on average. This can vary on job and experiences in the greenhouse. The job availability for a greenhouse technician is varied. For example, many universities will hire you to work in there greenhouse as a technicians, while other work places might include professional research greenhouses; where the technicians breed new plants and new ways to use them.