Horse Ferrier

What is a Horse Ferrier? A horse Ferrier is someone who shapes, fixes and fits horse shoes. A Ferrier is also known as a blacksmith. A blacksmith is a person who forges objects of iron. This is why they were known as a blacksmiths in the earlier days since they shaped and molded horse shoes out of black iron.

To become a Ferrier one must go through many types of training. Depending on the intentions of the Ferrier there are all different levels of training. You can start out on a beginner class and advance all the way up to the professional classes. These are some of the classes that are available.

Quarter 1:
Farrier Craftsmanship I–8 hrs/week
Farrier Craftsmanship II–8 hrs/week
Training I–8 hrs/week
Theory I–2 hrs/week
Horse & Barn Care–8 hrs/week

Quarter 2:
Farrier Craftsmanship III–8 hrs/week
Farrier Craftsmanship IV–8 hrs/week
Forging–8 hrs/week
Showing I–3 hrs/week
Horse and Barn Care (Management)–8 hrs/week

Quarter 3:
Farrier Craftsmanship V–8 hrs/week
Farrier Craftsmanship VI–8 hrs/week
Equine Massage Therapy–8 hrs/week
Horse and Barn Care (Management)–8 hrs/week

If the newly trained Ferrier wants to do ferrying for a living employers are looking for the most trained and experienced people. They may even require that you take a barn management course. This is why it is important to go through extensive training so that one is able to get the best job available.

If a Ferrier wants to make a living they will most likely want to join a previously established ferrying business. The business market is not made for self employed Ferriers. Self-employed Ferriers are not known to survive in the business for very long. There are currently 321 jobs available in Georgia. Pay is anywhere from $15 to $100 an hour.