Professional Horseman Clinician

A professional horseman is a man or woman that has studied and understands the behaviors of horses. Some professional horsemen or horsewomen train and break horses with a method they have studied and found that works best to gain a horse’s respect and trust. Take for example, one of the most well-known and respected horsemen around the world, and a role model of many horse fans, Clinton Anderson.

Clinton has been working with, and studying, horses since he was a young boy. Through his many years of training and breaking horses he has come up with a method called “Downunder Horsemanship” that not only breaks the horses to ride, but goes deeper and gets the horse to respect and trust you, and ultimately builds a strong bond with you and your horse.

Any one person can claim they are a professional horseman, but Clinton offers a four year apprenticeship at his ranch in Texas. He divides the apprenticeship training into two sections, each section is two years. The first two years will focus on learning the method with supervised hands on training. The second two years he brings you along with him to his clinics that are held all over the United States and teaches you how to teach the method to adults and children that do not yet understand the Downunder Horsemanship method.

After your four year training is complete he gives you a certificate with his seal on it that proves you are truly a professional horseman, clinician, and teacher. After you complete your training there is unlimited amount of earnings. You run your own business and charge people what you think should be charged for them to get the professional horseman’s touch.